Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kimball Library News 10/16/12

Mark the date for Saturday, November 10th, from 11am-2pm. This is the second part of a two part series on the “Kimball Science Fair”.   We have a day of science made possible by the Harvard Pilgrim Community Spirit Mini Grant that we are really excited about.  “Mad Science” will host six different stations and give you a chance to explore and discover some cool science concepts.  This day is geared for elementary age children through the teen years.  Take a look at each station below.

STATION ONE:  Amazing Air Pressure
Visitors will explore the power of air. Try to float a ball in the air with Bernoulli's demonstrator and try to rescue a submarine in the rescue diver bottles.

STATION TWO:  Cool Catapulting
The principles of energy and motion will be tested at this station. Visitors will experiment with our cool catapults while learning about potential and kinetic energy.

The glow in one of our awesome plasma balls will help visitors explore electricity. Conductors and insulators will be the focus of this station's experimenting.

STATION FOUR:  Pipettes & Penny Power
Visitors will explore the “sticky” side of water. Using pipettes, children will test the limits of cohesion while taking on the penny power challenge at this station. Roll up those sleeves!

STATION FIVE:  Magnetic Magic
Magnetism is the star at this station. Visitors will try their hand at building a magnet bridge while learning about magnets and magnetic fields.

STATION SIX:  Van De Graaff Demonstrations (Please check our schedule at the library for the exact times when the demos are available.)
Enjoy a performance by static electricity at this station. Positive and negative charges will be at work while visitors witness a lightning show and learn about other fun effects of static electricity.

Besides serving science, we’ll also be serving up refreshments and some take home science projects while supplies last.  Be one of the first 100 youth to arrive and you’ll be sure to take home one of our freebie items.  Don’t miss out on this ‘mad fun’ ‘mad science’ event!

Please note that we will be closed on Monday, November 12th, observing Veteran’s Day.  Please stock up accordingly.

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