Monday, July 21, 2014

Kimball Library News 7/14/14

CHANGE of PLANS regarding ‘CIRCUITS’ ~ We are hosting an event for ages 10-19 on Tuesday, July 29, at 6:30pm.  Originally the plan was making a ‘squishy circuit’.  As of today, the plan is now “Farm Clocks”.  Same time, same channel.  J Want to learn more? Read on!

FARM CLOCKS is a unique event exploring circuits and making clocks using either farm fruits or vegetables.  Are you curious about experimenting with electronics, but the fear of electric shock or soldering iron burns keep you away? Why not try vegetable/fruit clock circuits?  It uses apples, potatoes, pears, etc. to power clocks which will last as long as your fruits and vegetables do! By the end of the event, you'll end up with a farm clock of your own to take home. Want to continue using your awesome creation? Just replace the fruits/vegetables.  Want to know more? It won't be fun if we tell you everything, will it?  Register and see!

This event is for registered Atkinson residents first, and then a day before the event friends and guests are welcome if there is available space.  Our guest scientist for the evening is Craig Richard.  Thanks to the Friends of Kimball Library for sponsoring this scientifically healthy event!

FIZZ BOOM ‘That Crazy Sock Catapult’! ~ Bring in a funky mismatched pair of socks to use for this special project. Build a small catapult and then test it yourself! Just fling those crazy socks into the wild outdoors! Compete against your friends to see who can send those socks flying farther! You just might be a winner of this epic contest! 

When is this crazy sock madness?  Register in advance and attend on Monday, July 28th, at 6:30pm sharp!  This goofy night is especially for children in grades K-5.

SUMMER SATURDAYS ~ We know that our patrons love spending their summer days soaking up the sun and reading great books!  To celebrate your love for the books of summer, Kimball Library will stay open from 10am-3pm on Saturdays during the summer.  Drop by for those last minute book, music, and movie selections! Are you looking for a suggestion? Ask our staff! We would love to help you find some new literary adventures.

KEEP IN TOUCH ~ Come in to the library and realized you’ve missed one of our spectacular events? Don’t worry, you’ll never miss another one again.  We post about all of our events on our Facebook page, our twitter account and on our website!

For more information or a list of upcoming programs, please visit our website at, call (603) 362-5234, or email us at

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