Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kimball Library News 1/8/13

The iPad has landed in the children’s room!  The best ‘Friends of the Library’ ever presented us with two iPads for in-house circulation in the children’s room.  We have loaded them up with 40 book and early literacy apps. You will be able to check them out to a designated area by the Children’s Information Desk, and use them for one hour.  Most of the apps are appropriate for preschool age children and toddlers. There are some apps that are geared for elementary age as well.  This is a tool for you to use with your child, and we have an agreement for you to sign before doing so. 

By signing our form when checking out the iPad, you agree to the following: ‘The iPad is free to Kimball Library users to borrow in-house.  Only adult residents over the age of 18 with a current library card in good standing will be allowed to borrow the iPad.  The iPad will be loaned out for one hour at a time.  It must be used only at the designated tables in front of the Children’s Information Desk.  Parental supervision is required at all times.  No downloads permitted.  If there is an app you wish to see on the iPad, please inform the librarian and it will be determined if it can be purchased.  The iPad must be returned directly to a library employee to ensure proper check-in.  Failure to do this will result in a fine of $10.00.’  Please stop by the children’s room and have a look at our latest hot item!

‘Craft’ a new year’s resolution by signing the children up for ‘Create & Express’ classes on Thursdays from 4-5pm.  On January 17th you should join us in painting wooden penguin masks. The masks will then be used at the January Jack Frost jamboree.  You get to show off your art work at the jamboree then take it home!  This craft is best suited for children grade 1 and up, and registration is required.

We have two other ‘Create & Express’ classes prepared for January as well.  On January 24th we’ll be making giant paper snowflakes for kids in grades 3 and up.  On January 31st we’ll be making snowman snow globes for grades K-3.  Each of these classes meets from 4-5pm and registration is required.  Miss Judy will be your instructor for each class.  If you’d like to see a sample of any of these Thursday crafts please visit our lobby.

Make a new year’s resolution to travel, and start on January 15th at 6:30pm!  Journey down to the equator and explore Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands through the camera lens of Dennis Krause.  He and his wife recently visited the Galapagos with Lindblad Expeditions for an adventure of a lifetime.   Their voyage aboard the National Geographic “Islander” traveled to seven different islands home to many species of mammals, reptiles and birds.   Each island was inhabited by a unique group of creatures ranging from playful sea lions and sea turtles to primitive marine iguanas and giant tortoises to colorful blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds.  Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and see up close and personal what he observed years ago and what makes the Galapagos Islands the very special place it is today.  Join Dennis and his visual presentation of his day to day experiences on this ageless group of islands…The Galapagos.  Refreshments will be served on this unique travel odyssey and, as most library events are - this program is sponsored by the generous Friends of the Kimball Library.

Pssst…we still have a few openings for the Tootie Flutes (ages 3-5 and ages 5-7) classes.  Give us a shout to register.

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