Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kimball Library News 2/29/16

CYBER-CRIME PREVENTION: Seniors and other adults are encouraged to join us at 1pm on Tuesday, March 22nd at 1pm to hear Greg Page discuss cyber-crime for seniors.

This seminar begins with a broad overview of topics such as phishing scams, malicious software, identity theft risks, social engineering, and much more.  Then, with data gathered from recent, real-life examples, as well as contemporary information provided directly by the FBI, hear about the most current trends, tactics, and procedures in use by cyber-criminals who target seniors on-line.  Finally, learn about several strategies for preventing and mitigating instances of cyber-crime, as well as initial steps to take if you believe you already are a cyber-crime victim.

Greg Page, CEO and co-founder of Merrimack Analysis Group. He holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University (2003) and a B.A. from Stanford University (2002).  Motivated by the attacks of Sept. 11, Greg joined the US Navy as an Intelligence Officer.  He served three overseas tours supporting ground units in Iraq before deciding to transfer his commission over to the Army.  Greg is now a Captain in the United States Army Reserve, and an Adjunct Computer Science Lecturer at Boston University – Metropolitan College.

WHO’S TRACKING YOU ONLINE?:  Come back in the evening of March 22nd at 6:30pm to get even more information from Greg Page regarding ‘The Quiet Big Data Revolution’ or ‘Who’s Tracking You Online’?

Every mouse click, every keystroke, and every tablet or smart phone selection that we make helps data collectors paint a picture about who we are. The digital footprints that individuals quietly and slowly create with this data trail can be useful to everyone from retailers to health care professionals to the government. During this interactive presentation, we will talk about the positive, negative, and uncertain implications of the era of Big Data, to include critical issues surrounding individual privacy and security. We will also discuss ways that individual web users can minimize their online footprint.

Greg and Todd Kobus, CTO and co-founder of the Merrimack Analysis Group were deployed together in Kabul for most of 2011. During their time overseas, they were asked to develop a comprehensive Operational Security (OPSEC) brief that could be used by unit Intelligence Officers throughout Afghanistan to their troops. They saw how frequently misunderstandings about social media were getting soldiers in trouble, and, much worse, potentially jeopardizing the safety of themselves and their comrades.

After returning to the U.S. in early 2012, Greg and Todd noticed news stories on a near-daily basis describing the ways in which simple misunderstandings on the part of web users created significant problems in their careers, personal lives, and job searches. Recognizing this widespread problem: The speed at which people’s lives have migrated into the online realm has far outpaced our society’s ability to understand the meaning of that change, they decided to act and the Merrimack Analysis Group was soon formed.

LAST CALL for T/WEEN BIG BUDDIES: This event will be happening for 6 consecutive weeks on Wednesdays from 4-5pm beginning March 16th and ending on April 20th. Each week teens (youth in grades 6-12) will be assigned to children that are kindergarten age through grade 3.  Library buddies will read or be read to for the first 30 minutes followed by puzzles, games, and/or coloring activities.  This is a great opportunity for the younger set to practice listening to books of their choice or for emerging readers to try out their skills on an older buddy.

Want to be a buddy?  We need your t/weens in grades 6-12 to participate and experience the joy of being a literary encourager or participant.  You may register on the online calendar icon on the website, call (603) 362-5234 x224, or drop in and personally speak to Kathy Watson, Youth Services Director.  All interested big buddies must speak with Kathy directly and be committed to an early arrival time.  Atkinson residents have priority.

MORE INFO: Our event calendar found on our website has detailed information on these events and many others you may have missed reading about.  Go to and not only read the posts on the page, but also click the calendar icon and see each event for the month and months to come.  Please also ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Flickr, Blogspot and Instagram.  You may call us Monday-Friday from 10-8 and on Saturday from 10-3 at 603.362.5234.

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