Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kimball Library News 1/10/12

We are very excited to be launching a new library system to patrons as well as offering you more choices and diversity by joining with two other libraries to offer the best of three worlds. Atkinson (Kimball Library), Plaistow Public Library, and Sandown Public Library at the end of January/early February will now be the Southern New Hampshire Library Cooperative (SNHLC). You may be wondering what exactly that means for you, our valued customer.

Here’s just a peek at what Koha, our new library system, will offer you. Koha is a web-based ILS which means that anytime you have internet you have access. You will have control over your personal account and will be able to update your information at any time. You’ll be able to personally put items on reserve and see your personal borrowing history if you choose or deny that feature if you’d prefer no record is kept. You will be able to manage via email preference options such as – receiving advance notice that items are due or overdue, items you’ve checked out, items that were checked in, and when a hold becomes available. You can choose to receive email when your items are available versus the usual phone call. We will be able to alert you personally via email if we are waiving fines because of inclement weather. These are just a few of the perks to come.

Here’s just a peek at what SNHLC, the cooperative, will offer you. You now will have the ability to check items out of all three libraries with your home library card. You will be able to view through our new library catalog what all three libraries have to offer as well as put items on hold from any of the three libraries. Each library has different times of opening and closing so you could visit one of the other libraries earlier or later than your home library’s hours. We are pleased to share resources so that we can all multiply our use. Cost and functionality were the primary reasons for deciding to change from our proprietary ILS as well as banding together. We will save a considerable amount annually by switching products, and we know that our work processes will be streamlined significantly.

About KOHA:
Koha is the first open-source Integrated Library System (ILS). In use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to achieve their technology goals. For more information about Koha, please visit:

The Kimball Library is dedicated to the common good by serving the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the Atkinson community and by encouraging its patrons in the lifelong pursuit of learning and personal growth. The library will be responsive to the needs of its diverse users, advocate and support the use of appropriate technology, build an excellent collection, commit itself to the highest ideals of library service and the principles of intellectual freedom and provide a welcoming meeting place for the community.

We are embracing the changes to come. We are asking you to be patient during the transition process as this is all new to us and we are sure that we’ll be more proficient as time goes on. We welcome your feedback after we launch and look forward to many new faces from Sandown and Plaistow. It’s going to be a great year serving you!

For more information or a list of upcoming programs, please visit our website, call (603) 362-5234, or email us at We encourage you to ‘like’ us on Facebook/KimballLibrary.Atkinson.NH, follow us on Twitter/KimballLibrary, and RSS feed our blog -- Also, you can get news directly sent to your inbox twice a month. Please ask us if you are interested. This is an efficient way to stay abreast of the newest events.

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