Friday, October 21, 2016

Kimball Library News 10/17/16

We have two new museum passes to offer and this week we are going to highlight one of them!  Get ready to explore.  Information about the museums is reported of their respective websites.

ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER MUSEUM: There is always something new at the Gardner. The performance hall is filled with sounds of traditional and new music, the exhibition space features both historical and contemporary work, and the courtyard plantings reflect the seasons as they evolve throughout the year. While the permanent collection remains constant, we ourselves change and with that, we make new personal connections to works of art, galleries, the courtyard, and each other. 

Each pass admits up to four people with $5 admission per person, redeemable at the admissions desk. Children under the age of 18 are always free.

SNAP CIRCUITS 101: Snap Circuits gives your child a hands-on education in how electrical circuits work to run the everyday devices that they're familiar with. They'll also gain valuable lessons in building and in following instructions. With these projects, children will experiment with things like electric switches, integrated circuits, digital circuits, fuses, and the transformation of circuit sounds into other sounds.

Because the projects are arranged in order of complexity, kids can build on their skills as they progress through the manual. The lessons start out with a simple electric light and switch project that demonstrates how electricity is turned on and off with a switch. Further along, kids can put together a two-speed fan, create clap-controlled sounds, and more.

The lab will give opportunity to build in step by step fashion with the help of the facilitator. This is not a 'free play' activity.  We proceed by the book.  Register youth in grades 2-5 only, please.  This activity is being held on Tuesdays at 6:30pm the entire month of November.

AUTHOR MARINA DUTZMANN KIRSCH PRESENTS: Flight of Remembrance: A World War II Memoir of Love and Survival. Join us on Thursday, November 3rd @ 6:30 to hear Marina Dutzmann Kirsch as she discusses her book which highlights the true narrative of her family’s experiences against the backdrop of World War II tragedy and devastation in Latvia, Poland, and Germany.

The book follows the author’s father and the main protagonist, a young, Latvian aeronautical engineering student of Baltic German descent, who was forced under the threat of execution to flee his homeland in 1939 before the first Soviet takeover, the only nation that would accept him was Nazi Germany. In 1940 Berlin, he meets a young German woman, Lilo, and a love story begins that will endure more than 70 years and across two continents. Rolf’s worst fear comes to pass when he is drafted into the Luftwaffe in 1941. Despite the immeasurable evil, suffering and desolation of World War II, a synchronistic chain of events enables Rolf and Lilo to see their most cherished dreams materialize out of postwar catastrophe and ruin.

Marina Dutzmann Kirsch was born into the postwar Old World in Zurich, Switzerland. More than fifty years later, her 'journey of remembrance” to research and record the experiences of her family before, during and after the tumultuous years of World War II included unearthing facts about her grandfather’s role as chief inspector of V-2 rockets at the top secret installations of Peenemünde and Mittelwerk. This event requires REGISTRATION.  All are welcome. Signed books will be available for purchase.

BEDTIME MATH’S CRAZY 8S CLUB: A NEW way to fall in love with MATH! Join Bedtime Math’s Crazy 8s Club, where you’ll build things, run and jump, make music, make a mess…and have fun!  You’ll get to do mischief making activities like Glow-in-the-Dark Geometry, Bouncy Dice and Toilet Paper Olympics, and you’ll get to take home some cool gadgets, too. We’ll be meeting on Fridays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm starting on November 4th and running until January 20th.

This program is for children K-2nd Grade.  Registration is required for this 8 week session. 

MORE INFO: Go to and not only read the posts on the page, but also click the calendar icon and see each event for the month and months to come.  Please also ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Flickr, Blogspot and Instagram.  Just send your email address by text message: text KIMBALLLIBRARY to 22828 to get on our newsletter mailing list.  You may also call us Monday-Friday from 10-8 and on Saturday from 10-3 at 603.362.5234.

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