Friday, May 18, 2012

Kimball Library News 5/15/12

Back by popular demand, Mac McHale and Emery Hutchins are once again delighting audiences young and old with a combination of Irish music and American country music.  With banjo, guitar, mandolin, concertina, bodran, octave mandolin and heartwarming vocal harmonies, ‘Two Old Friends’ tell a story in music of how immigrants came to this country from Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain, bringing their melodies and instruments; they show how the old time country ballads of the Appalachians are rooted in these tunes. 

A ‘Two Old Friends’ performance will give you plaintive ballads and foot stomping shout tunes; soaring mandolin solos, gospel sing-a-longs, traditional Irish tunes and storytelling.  There is truly something for everyone.

Come join the lads for one of their concerts and enjoy an evening with ‘Two Old Friends’ on Thursday, May 25th, at 6:30pm!  This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Kimball Library and is free of charge and open to the public.

Registration for all summer reading programs (preschool), (elementary), and (t/weens—middle/high school) begins on June 14th.  Each year there is a bit of confusion regarding this process so we proactively start to explain the semantics now.  The summer reading program as a whole must be registered for.  We also have individual events for each age group.  The individual events have a maximum capacity and often need food or craft supplies purchased in advance.  We take care not to over-purchase for our events. Please take note to not only register for the program as a whole, but also to register for each individual event you plan to attend.  We truly appreciate cancellations being called in because some other child may be told we are full for an event and that spot is reality is being taken by someone not actually attending.  More information regarding all the programs will be forthcoming, but definitely note that you may begin general registration on June 14th.  Registration for the program as a whole is ongoing until July 12th.

Stay tuned……. Peter Boie is coming to town!  Peter Boie, the self-proclaimed ‘Magician for Non-Believers’, will be performing at 6:30pm on Tuesday, June 19th, to kick-off the summer reading program. Peter travels the country performing for colleges, libraries, and for private and corporate events. While he performs for a wide variety of audiences and venues, he has a special place in his heart for libraries because he borrowed his first magic book from his local library when he was 11 years old. One of the things that has given Peter his success is his appeal to all age groups. From a five year old getting into the show and doing magic, to the hard to please teenager, to the parents and grandparents that visit the library, and everyone in between there’s something for everyone. Once the show starts Peter doesn’t let you go for a solid 45 minutes. The show runs the gamut from audience members getting into the show and doing magic themselves, to award-winning mind-blowing magic, to side-splitting comedy. Mark the date!  This event does not require registration but it is intended for Kimball Library summer reading participants and their families.

For more information or a list of upcoming programs, please visit our website, call (603) 362-5234, or email us at  We encourage you to ‘like’ us on Facebook/KimballLibrary.Atkinson.NH, follow us on Twitter/KimballLibrary, and RSS feed our blog --  Also, you can get news directly sent to your inbox twice a month.  Please ask us if you are interested.  This is an efficient way to stay abreast of the newest events.

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