Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kimball Library News 2/26/13

As a reminder, if you are thinking about e-readers…  Did you know that we have 3 regular Kindles, 1 Kindle touch, and 1 large (DX) Kindle available for borrowing?   If you do not have an e-reader of your own, or if you’d like to read something that we have purchased for our Kindle, then you are in luck!  We have over 50 adult bestselling titles loaded.  We add more titles as time goes on so there is always something new.  Give us a call to put a Kindle on hold for you.  These are perfect for taking on vacation—an entire library in one place!  We also are open to suggestions when it’s your turn to borrow.  Please submit requests and we’ll see if we can accommodate your taste.

In addition to the Kindles mentioned above, we are also sporting a Nook Simple Touch e-reader.  Our Nook has young people in mind.  This Nook is pre-loaded with the 2013 nominees for the Isinglass and Flume lists.  The Isinglass books are nominated by middle school students, while the Flume titles are nominated by high school students.  This means the Nook is slated for tweens and teens even though adults may be interested in teen fiction.  We are asking that someone the age of 18 or older be the one who actually checks the Nook out because of the replacement cost value.  Please consider checking out the Nook for your tween or teen reader.  It may also be a way to get your reluctant reader started into the world of ebooks.  You may place a hold on the Nook over the phone or from your computer. 

Do you have your own e-reader and are you tired of shelling out money for books?  We have a free solution! If you own an e-reader or gadget that makes you want to hide, then we have just what you are looking for.  You can have a brief lesson here on your tech toy (Kindle, iPad, Nook or other device compatible with Overdrive) and learn how to put a free e-book on it.  This is a private basic tutorial designed for newbies and is limited to 30 minutes only.  Also available is some very basic computer instruction.  This is for beginners only - email, basic surfing, setting up Facebook, creating a document, etc.  If you have questions you can ask for Kathy Watson at 603.362.5234 who will be your tutor. (Kimball Library resident card holders in good standing only, please.)

More technology… We have two iPads for in-house circulation in the children’s room loaded them up with 40 book and early literacy apps, and you will be able to check them out to a designated area by the Children’s Information Desk and use them for one hour.  Most of the apps are appropriate for preschool aged children as well as there are some that you can use with toddlers.  There are some apps that are geared for elementary age as well.  This is a tool for you to use with your child, and we have an agreement for you to sign before doing so. 

By signing our form when checking out the iPad, you agree to the following: The iPad is free to Kimball Library users to borrow in-house.  Only adult residents over the age of 18 with a current library card in good standing will be allowed to borrow the iPad.  The iPad will be loaned out for one hour at a time.  It must be used only at the designated tables in front of the Children’s Information Desk.  Parental supervision is required at all times.  No downloads permitted.  The iPad must be returned directly to a library employee to ensure proper check-in.  Failure to do this will result in a fine of $10.00. 
Please stop by the children’s room and have a look at our latest hot item!

Don’t forget that ‘Dress Me Up’ will be here on Wednesday, March 13th, from 4-7pm.  All young ladies planning to attend prom in 2013 are eligible to try on dresses and take one home.  Mark the date.

For more information or a list of upcoming programs, please visit our website www.kimballlibrary.com, call (603) 362-5234, or email us at staff@kimballlibrary.com.  We encourage you to ‘like’ us on Facebook/KimballLibrary.Atkinson.NH, follow us on Twitter/KimballLibrary, and RSS feed our blog --  http://kimballlibrary.blogspot.com.  Also, you can get news directly sent to your inbox twice a month.  Please ask us if you are interested.  This is an efficient way to stay abreast of the newest events.

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