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Kimball Library News 3/26/13

Here’s just a tease of what’s to come during April vacation week (4/22-27) for the young people in your life.  Stay tuned for future articles for the full story with details on each event.  Here is your snapshot--April 22: Mother Goose (infants to age 2), Reader’s Theater (grades 2-5), April 23: Bitty Spring Dancers (ages 2-3), Little Spring Dancers (ages 3-6), Recycled Art Fun (ages k-5), Trading Faces (grades 6-12), April 24: Watercolor Wonders (grades 3 and up), Dress Me Up (high school), Comic Mime Theatre (all ages), April 25: Hopping and Popping Corn (grades k-5), Kentucky Derby Party (grades 3 and up), April 26: Scavenger Hunt (grades k-5), PJ Peeps (ages 4-8), April 27: Scavenger Hunt (grades k-5).  Most events require registration.  If you can’t wait for details, check our online calendar and register before the rush.

Amy Brnger from Portsmouth, NH will have her still life artwork on display at the Kimball Library from April 1st through May 15th and will be available on Tuesday, April 9, from 6-7pm to answer questions about her artwork.  For more information about Amy and her paintings go to

Artist Statement:  “I have painted still life, flowers, interiors, and landscape for a long time.  I enjoy all genres, probably because I just like to paint, and I like to paint places and things that I know and/or find interesting.  I often paint still life, interiors, and landscapes together, as each influence the other equally, in my mind.  These subjects are strongly related, since the kinds of still life objects I often choose to paint are themselves directly derived from the landscape: flowers; leaves; fruits and vegetables; bird's nests, etc. I also enjoy painting flowers and fruit on their own, as well as observed landscapes.  And the interior, or room, somehow ties the small and large organic forms together.  All images are painted rapidly, in an effort to capture the changing nature of life.

My landscape paintings are also a way to record and enjoy the region where I reside which is made up of small neighborhoods, cities, towns, woods, and sometimes some pretty ugly places.  My world is representative of many similar places in the United States, and it is special to me.   I enjoy being outside and painting, whatever the image, as I am immersed with the places in which I am familiar.”

It’s Not About the Hike is an event that will be at Kimball Library on April 16th at 6:30pm. It will bring you into your heart, lift your spirits, and inspire you to climb that next mountain in your life. It is not a presentation of "look at these two women...see what they did." It is a "look inside can do it too." You will want to go back and hear it again and again.

This hour-long program highlights the journey of two 50 plus year old non-hikers who one day decided to climb the 67 mountains in New England over 4,000 feet. Nancy Sporborg and Pat Piper are two ordinary women who went on an extraordinary journey over the mountain summits and into their hearts. This is the story of what they found inside themselves as they hiked over 1,600 miles to the tops of over 244 mountains through all four seasons.  This talk is a multi-media presentation including movies, music and photographs. It is both humorous and touching, as the speakers share their personal lives in a way that makes the message and learning universal.

The book, It’s Not About the Hike, will be offered for sale after the program. The book contains 360 pages, over 245 color pictures, and 60 inspirational hike reports for $35. If you enjoy the presentation, you will love the book!
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